About - Company

About - Company

by SSBA Admin
SSBA Innovations is a pioneer in technology-driven financial planning through AI based platforms. Our vision is to replicate human knowledge in financial decision-making through our world-class AI driven systems and liberate our clients from handling a variety of complex decisions on their own. We aim to create Fintech offerings that are dynamic, ergonomic and best-suited to our clients’ needs. To transform this vision into reality, we have a team of dedicated professionals from the fields of accounts, information technology and finance working tirelessly to improve our algorithms. We have partnered with technology providers and financial institutions to create an integrated channel of service for our clients. We have offices in Mumbai and Pune, and we plan to expand our presence internationally in the future.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create Fintech offerings that are meaningful, impactful and long lasting for consumers. Be it tax planning, financial planning, investment advisory or any other financial service, we want to bring the most efficient solutions via technology that can benefit consumers and improve their lives in the long run.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide tax solutions and assist our clients to invest in wealth-generating instruments that are consistent with their risk profiles and life goals. For this, we have established integrated platforms that perform the advisory function through AI powered systems.

Our Core Values

Simplicity, sustainability and innovation.

Our organization runs on the underlying belief that technology exists to make our lives simpler. Traditional approaches to predictive modelling can often be time-consuming, yet inaccurate. We believe that complex decision making can be made simple by efficiently using technology to replace manual effort in choosing from a wide range of options and arriving at the best possible solution for your needs.

Financial planning is a long-term need. From the time you start earning till the time you retire, and even after that, you are in need of a consistent financial advisory model that you can trust. Financial planners and investment advisers change by the day and charge by the hour. We value a long-term commitment with our customers who are assured of a model that they can trust to be accurate, unbiased and sustainable.

The global fin-tech space is dynamic and increasingly competitive and innovation is the key to our growth. We firmly believe that by constantly developing our technologies and opening up newer possibilities of AI into our decision making, we have carved a niche in financial technology.