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Reinvent Financial Advisory with game-changing technology through artificial intelligence, data analytics and automated financial planning. Substituting human interface advisory with superior AI powered solutions, our only objective is to maximize your wealth. Be a part of the change you want to see.

Transforming Financial Landscape

Pioneering India’s first AI based financial services, we at SSBA Innovations aim to challenge conventional processes of financial planning and tax advisory. By studying your investment portfolio, risk based profiling, intensive market research, and latest technology,  SSBA products provide customized portfolio analysis, enabling wealth growth for one and all at a click of button at fraction of cost.

Unbiased Financial Planning
Harnessing financial technology to reach out to the smart, savvy, and young demographic of investors, we endeavor to eradicate human error and bias in managing your money. This ensures financial planning is consistent with risk profile and financial goals. We provide with resources to take charge of your money without being at the mercy of tax planners, financial advisors, etc.
One stop solution
Our aim is to develop 360-degree financial planning solutions for our clients, to empower them to make expert financial decisions through our integrated and efficient portals. We want to make available to our clients a plethora of options related to investment, insurance, loans, property or any other products best suited to their short-term and long-term needs.

Our Products

Taxbuddy is a unique, state-of-the-art tax portal that is the brainchild of SSBA Innovations team. It is developed with a vision to enable customers who are salaried and small business classes to file their taxes smartly and effortlessly. If you are a regular tax payer looking for the most efficient way to file your taxes and handling further scrutiny from the IT Department, without having to spend valuable time and substantial money, Taxbuddy is your perfect solution. It takes care of the three pivotal aspects of tax planning – Tax Filing, Tax Notice Management & Tax Saving.

Finbingo is a highly specialized financial advisory platform that is aimed at achieving digital financial planning with minimal human intervention. This benefits our clients in that the advisory mechanism is free from human bias and human errors. Its flagship Wealth Wizard analyses the user’s profile on a variety of parameters including income, expenditure, age, family, assets and liabilities, risk appetite, etc., and generates customized, impartial recommendations. Finbingo reduces the complexity in financial decision-making by demonstrating an ideal investment scenario for the user which would maximize his returns appropriate to his risk capacity. The team at Finbingo generates a war-house of research that is accessible to all our customers of any income class.

Financial Empowerment is the essence of
Wealth Generation

Gain insights into how we empower our customers by our capabilities, our systems and methods. Learn more about how we function as a consumer driven organization.

Client Interest First
Our clients are our first priority, and our systems exist to make sure that every client, big or small, is equally satisfied with our offerings. By creating value for our clients, we add value to our firm.
360 Financial Solution
We strive every day to develop our capabilities to service our clients beyond their expectations and ensure that every financial need of our customers is met.
Research Capabilities
A stellar team of experienced professionals coupled with superior AI powered technology at our disposal, we take pride in our arsenal of high-quality research and advanced algorithms.
Artificial Intelligence
Recognizing the profound impact of AI on the global industry, we believe that AI-leveraged financial planning will change the face of financial decision making forever.

Our Associations

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. We have partnered with industry leaders to provide you with the best solutions that we promise to deliver.

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