Finbingo is a highly specialized financial advisory platform that is aimed at achieving digital financial planning with minimal human intervention. This benefits our clients in that the advisory mechanism is free from human bias and human errors. Its flagship Wealth Wizard analyses the user’s profile on a variety of parameters including income, expenditure, age, family, assets and liabilities, risk appetite, etc., and generates customized, impartial recommendations. Finbingo reduces the complexity in financial decision-making by demonstrating an ideal investment scenario for the user which would maximize his returns appropriate to his risk capacity. The team at Finbingo generates a war-house of research that is accessible to all our customers of any income class.


Finbingo adopts a 360-degree financial planning model and therefore makes available to its customer’s viable investment options like Mutual Funds, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, etc. It also facilitates application for loans, if required. Since it operates on a direct-to-consumer model, no extra commission is charged on purchase of any investment product by the clients.

Achieve your financial goals with Finbingo

Great planning can make impossible dreams come true. Finbingo not only understands your aspirations but also endeavours to bring them within the ambit of reach. Using client’s data, his/her financial scenario at a certain time in the future is built and an assessment is made on whether his/her financial goals will be met or not. A subsequent course of action is then suggested so that the client can choose the appropriate investment vehicle to attain his goal, defer it or modify it. This means that Finbingo empowers the client to always take charge of his/her finances to achieve any reasonable goal, such as a house, a child’s education, a vacation, a retirement annuity or any other such desire an individual may nurture.

  • Services Offered:
    Mutual Fund Platform,
    Wealth Builder,
    Portfolio Doctor,
    Tax Planner,
    Financial Life Goals