Taxbuddy is a unique, state-of-the-art tax portal that is the brainchild of SSBA. It was developed with a view to enable customers who are salaried and small business classes from the upper middle-income group to file their taxes smartly and effortlessly. If you are a lay tax payer looking for the most efficient way to file your taxes without having to spend valuable time and substantial money, Taxbuddy is your perfect solution. It takes care of the three pivotal aspects of tax planning – Tax Filing, Tax Notice Management & Tax Saving.

Tax Filing

Taxbuddy will not only assist you in filing your taxes but hold your hand through the procedure. It has an intuitive, wizard-driven user interface, that enables users to upload of Form – 16 and do an automatic reading of Form 26AS from the IT Department website. It will ask you for the relevant details regarding all your income and expenses and make sure that all the required information is recorded.

Tax Notice Management

This is a feature unique to Taxbuddy, where a user can also click a picture of any notices it receives from the IT Dept. and upload it on our portal, and due to its AI powered engine, Taxbuddy can read and interpret content of the notice and generate a level one automatic response. The portal is also capable of generating second level responses if the assessing officer is not satisfied and has further queries.

Tax Saving

Apart from filing tax, this intelligent portal also suggests you the most efficient legal ways to save tax. It will automatically calculate the extent of tax which can be saved and suggest investment options for the same. This is linked to our investment portal Finbingo, wherefrom the user can execute the investments like ELSS, ULIPs, NPS, etc. Since Taxbuddy asks for the users’ financial details, it will take into account EMIs, insurance premiums paid, etc. and automatically deduct it from your taxable income. Taxbuddy ensures maximization of tax-saving all the way down to the last rupee!

  • Services Offered:
    Income Tax Filing,
    Tax Planning Advice,
    Income Tax Calculator,
    Goods and Sevice Tax (GST),
    Notice Management